A decent Turnhout

15 Sep

Well, friends… it’s been a while.  The late nights and sometimes daily-doubles, (two shows in one day) coupled with Belgian brews, hours on the highway, and rainy-day blues had certainly taken its toll… But the band kept “drivin’ on” and we lived to tell you all about it… once again.

We pulled into Turnhout, with “Cousin” Vinny and “El Presidente”, Gert, a good hour and a half before the show.  We heaved our gear into the “Het Keizershof”, in Turnhout and took one look around.. instantly nodding to one another in mutual agreement that this would be an excellent venue for a one-mic setup.

Het Keizershof, Turnhout BE (thanks to Wlad and Kim!!)

We set up and played with one mic for a hushed but enthusiastic crowd. Many in attendance were more of a folk music crowd than the Rockabilly types we’ve gotten used to meeting at previous shows. Fortunately for us, we have become used to this as a group and tailor our shows accordingly. The night was fun and relaxing at the same time. “El Presidente” ran great sound for us and quickly, we fell into the zone. Wlad, Kim and the staff also showed us much hospitality, including a much needed quite remarkable meal. We returned to town and hung out with “El Presidente” and Vinny for a few beers, and then we and Vinny played some games of pool, alternating between Belgian 8-ball rules, and American 8-ball rules. We had a fun time hanging out with Vinny, a refreshing personality, whose wisdom is well beyond his years (soon to be 21). In such great company, it was easy to lose track of time, and once again, we made our way back across the street from Cafe De Valk (aka “The Brown Bar”) into the comfort and solace of our band-adobe… much later than our bodies had hoped.

Willy enjoys another great meal @ Het Keizershof

My "cuz" Vinny.  This kid will rule the world someday... mark my words.

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