Trans-Atlantic trio

01 Sep

Well… we made it!!    Despite an a seemingly-ominous order of adverse events, and nearly 18 hours of continuous, chaotic traveling… we have finally landed, and unloaded our gear into the Surfing Airlines band house.  Time to catch some much needed zzzzzzzz’s.

2+ hour flight (CVG to JFK),  7 overnight hours (JFK to Brussels), 3 hours figuring out the train system (yes, we took the scenic route), and one hour waiting to be picked up from the station…  And that doesn’t count the in-between mayhem.  Still, extremely excited and grateful to be here at last.   Stijn (Stan), our sound-engineer, driver, and housemate has given us the cliffs’ notes on stayin’ out of trouble, and left to go fishin’.   I doubt we’ll be causing much of a raucous, tonight…   But there’s always tomorrow;)


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