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Tick tock goes the clock…

We’re a little more than 24 hours away from officially embarking upon our tour, and I’m just now sitting down to set up this blog.  I am trying to type and chug water at the same time, as a precaution against this untimely tickle in my throat.  Maybe it’s just the change in the weather.. could be stress… or maybe i’m the first of millions to spread some new pandemic from sea to shining sea.  But for now, it’s just a tickle… and a few spilled drips in m’lap.  Life is good. For now.  But you may want to stay tuned, just in case I do contract something interesting.

And even if I don’t… well… we will be sure to post plenty of fancy fotos and nonsensical ramblings about our daily travels and shows in Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the view.


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